Tired of always repeating messages and forwarding emails?

Well, thanks to GroupMail you no longer have to!

If you have large contact lists of friends or family, or even co-workers who you regularly chat with to organize get-togethers or meetings, it can be such a hassle to always send multiple emails, or CC everyone into the message.

Then, you always get that one person who forgets to CC you into the rest of the conversation, so you miss out on what is going on!

With GroupMail this is a thing of the past!

The solution is simple! Get just ONE email address that everyone uses within a specific group.

For instance, if you are planning your high school reunion, you can set everyone up with a schoolreunion@groupmail.co.za account and everyone will be able to receive and send messages from the same mailing account.

You can even email directly from Outlook, making it a simple and effective solution for anyone.

You can set up your free GroupMail account with 25 users, or if you need a larger account, giving you the ability to add various email lists, you can opt for the premium version for only R50 per month.

Get your free GroupMail address now!